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Toughened Glass

Toughened glass is actually made from annealed or float glass. Float glass is heated to more than 600 °C and then quickly cooled. If broken, it shatters into many small blunt pieces. Due to the increased heat treatment and rapid cooling of the glass especially between the surface and the inside of the glass, the treatment produces different physical properties which results in compressive stresses on the surface and balanced stresses in the body of the glass which makes toughened glass more stronger than float glass. A very high grade tempered glass that is several orders of magnitude stronger than ordinary glass. Tempered glass makes glass safer and durable by lowering the risk of impact related breakage.

Tempered glass retains the light transmission and energy properties of the base product. Once toughened, they can no longer be cut or shaped.

When float glass breaks, it shatters into dagger like pieces and can be harmful, it is therefore unsuitable for some applications, whereas toughened glass shatters into small chunks which are less likely to harm than the usual jagged shards(Big Sharp Pieces) produced when annealed glass breaks which can easily cause injury.

Toughened glass is treated in such a way as to enable it to be more resistant to breakage. This is a major safety advantage of this glass in almost all of its applications.

Benefits Application
Tough Table tops
Durable Balustrades
Lowers the risk of impact resistant breakage Shelves
Shower Enclosures
Wash Basins
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